Public Records Request

If by regular mail, requests should be directed as follows:

Hon. Joel T. Chaisson, II

PO Box 680

Hahnville, LA 70087



If by email, requests should be directed as follows:


Public records requests relating to records in the possession of the District Attorney’s Office should be addressed to the District Attorney.  In order to reduce confusion as to the nature and extent of the records being requested, any such request should be submitted in writing and identify the requested records with as much specificity as possible.  

Providing accurate and complete contact information for the requesting party is especially important in assisting in timely responses.  Requests for extensive public records, those for which a search must be conducted, or those requiring redaction will receive an initial response with an estimated production time.  Please be aware that information relating to a pending criminal investigation or prosecution or any information deemed privileged work product is generally exempt from production as a public record.

The established costs for the District Attorney’s Office to reproduce public records are as follows:


  1. $1.00 per page for black/white copies;
  1. $1.50 per page for color copies;
  1. $5.00 per Digital Versatile Disc (DVD); and
  1. $20.00 per thumb or jump drive.


NOTE:  Payments for the cost of reproducing public records must be made in the form of a money order.  The District Attorney’s Office does not accept cash or personal checks.